SAP Cloud-Enabled Computing Aids: ‘Disconnected Operations’

5 Signs Defense Agencies Need to Switch to Cloud-Based ERP Systems

SAP Solutions with Cloud in a Appliances Improve Military Communications

Military operations rely heavily on connectivity out in the field for effective communications, but often run into the challenge of delayed transmission or poor network connection. Defense organization must eliminate system vulnerabilities in order to prevent cyberattacks from disrupting their procedures.

SAP’s cloud-enabled ERP systems combined with Cloud in a Box appliances allow military organizations to improve their connected operations and maintain effective communication. Discover insights on how to prevent network disruptions in remote locations from this Innovation Spotlight.

David Lincourt, SAP’s Defense and Security Solution Expert describes the five key features and challenges of ‘disconnected operations’ as:

SAP Cloud ERP Combats 5 Challenges to Connected Operations Innovation Spotlight
  • The type of connectivity often varies by location or situation
  • Data transmission costs may be too high for limited budgets
  • Data transmission becomes degraded or not permitted due to safety reasons
  • Transmission protocols restrict how data can get transmitted and stored
  • Planned or unplanned enterprise systems are not available

“What’s important here is that we’re bringing cloud-based enterprise computing to remote locations.”

— David Lincourt

Access the Innovation Spotlight to learn how SAP’s cloud-based ERP prevents operational disruptions.