Develop, Deploy and Scale AI/ML Models with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) models have become critical for organizations to find value in their data. As data scientists strive to build these models, they need tools that support productivity and collaboration among teams.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is a managed cloud service offering government organizations the ability to deploy integrated open source tools for AI/ML modeling. With this solution, data scientists and developers of intelligent applications can rapidly develop, train, test, and deploy ML model in the cloud.

Access the brief to learn about Red Hat OpenShift Data Science key capabilities including:

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science Solution Brief
  • Rapid development and deployment of AI/ ML models in the cloud
  • Conduct exploratory data science with access to core AI/ML frameworks
  • Publish models as end points for integration with intelligent apps

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