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Turning Data into Information to Help Law Enforcement Make Critical Decisions

With an enormous volume of data being collected, agencies are faced with the challenge of finding tools that manage data and turn it into information that can be leveraged for critical decision-making.

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"With expectations on law enforcement agencies rising, even when resources such as funding and personnel shrink, it's even more important to ensure agencies are properly equipped to conduct data analysis and investigations."

-Francisco Ramirez, Managing Solution Architect, Red Hat

Red Hat’s Managing Solution Architect, Francisco Ramirez, took to the virtual stage at Public Sector Network’s Future Policing virtual event to share how Red Hat’s automated tools help agencies address their data management and governance concerns. With enterprise open source management technology, law enforcement agencies can manage, analyze and integrate data in a collaborative space.

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  • Predictive intelligence to proactively address threats
  • Actionable data insights to accelerate decision-making
  • User access management to securely share data

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