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Zettaset XCrypt Software Secures Data Containers & Kubernetes within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Modern multi-tenant environments create system vulnerabilities that present unique security challenges. It is critical for public sector organizations to implement data protection solutions that are scalable and work within container platforms to maintain security.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) enables application developers to deploy their work in containers on the same platform. Zettaset XCrypt software delivers flexible security solutions for OCP across any on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployment with fast and transparent data encryption.

Zettaset & Red Hat OCP Solution Brief
Zettaset & Red Hat OCP
Solution Brief
Secure data delivered container natively within Red Hat OCP.
10 Reasons to Run SAP on Red Hat Enterprise LinuxXCrypt OpenShift Encryption Datasheet
XCrypt OpenShift
Encryption Datasheet
Enable the encryption of data stored in OpenShift container environments without slowing down the DevOps process.
OpenShift v4 Container Platform
OpenShift v4 Container Platform
A security-focused, consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere, with full-stack automated operations and streamlined developer workflows.

Access the resources to learn more about how the Zettaset XCrypt software suite secures data containers and Kubernetes natively within the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.