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Discover Red Hat’s Zero Trust Architecture for Cybersecurity Risk Management

Red Hat’s Steps to Adopting a ZTA

With the pace of innovation in technology comes a constant flow of incredible benefits to society and common welfare. However, innovation never comes without risk. The last year has marked some of the greatest cyberattacks in history, including the SolarWinds Breach and the Colonial Pipeline Hack. It is now more imperative than ever that government agencies prioritize cybersecurity and assess their threat mitigation processes.

Increasingly, government agencies are adopting Zero Trust architecture (ZTA) to eliminate unauthorized access and protect sensitive data. Zero Trust only allows access and network privileges where necessary – and Red Hat’s enterprise open-source ecosystem helps government agencies kickstart the ZTA implementation process while saving resources and time.

This eBook explores how ZTA is the future of cybersecurity and highlights the components for implementing a Zero Trust environment, such as:

Red Hat Redefining Security eBook
  • Defining Zero Trust for your agency and network
  • Eliminating unauthorized access with Zero Trust architecture
  • Protecting Enterprise Networks and Sensitive Data with open-source technology

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