Trends and Challenges for Road and Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Red Hat and Route Fifty’s eBook for State and Local Governments

In 2022 government infrastructure projects have incurred higher costs due to labor shortages and the price of construction materials. As the need for critical infrastructure grows, budget constraints and trends in transportation have forced State and Local Governments to rethink solutions.

Enterprise open source technology can help government agencies meet the needs of citizens without sacrificing resources. By leveraging the cloud, machine learning and automation, state and local governments can easily save resources and quickly address pain points in planning and budgeting.

Explore the Red Hat transportation resources to learn how IT helps build safer and more efficient transit and infrastructure.

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Road Transit and
Infrastructure Trends

Learn how State and Local governments are addressing infrastructure and transit challenges with IT solutions.

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Achieving the Mission for
Infrastructure and Transportation

Plan more efficiently and save costs on transportation and infrastructure projects with Red Hat IT solutions.

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IT Solutions for Improved Safety
and Reduced Costs

Use modern IT tools and processes to meet goals for safety, service, agility, and cost containment.

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