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Improve your Agency’s Post-COVID Response with Red Hat Enterprise Open Source Software Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic change in the IT landscape and pushed government agencies to digitally transform at an accelerated rate. As a result of this shift, the public sector needs technologies that improve processes and help them to navigate a post-pandemic response.

With Red Hat’s enterprise open source software technologies, government agencies can prepare for whatever challenges that emerge in the future. This resource explores post-pandemic takeaways and strategies for the public sector to use. Learn how to incorporate enterprise automation and modernize IT infrastructure with hybrid cloud solutions from Red Hat.

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"It’s not just about dealing with COVID or post-COVID, it’s the question of what do we do with the next thing, the next interruption, the next reworking of the way we have to work.”

- Russell Pavlicek, Solutions Architect, Red Hat

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Lessons From The Pandemic: 3 Tech Takeaways

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