Red Hat OpenShift Delivers Enterprise-Ready Container Management Services

Kubernetes container environments can help agencies speed up cloud-native application development, however integrating Kubernetes into complex IT environments can be difficult and time consuming. The public sector needs enterprise-ready container management services that allow development teams to streamline deployments and promote innovation.

Red Hat partners with key cloud providers to deliver fully managed container environment services that simplify deployment and operations for the public sector while saving costs. Explore the brief to learn how OpenShift, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform, improves developer productivity with full-stack automated operations for managing cloud and edge deployments.

Red Hat offers various managed services to fit the needs of your organization including:

Save Costs and Achieve More with Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services
  • OpenShift Dedicated on AWS or Google Cloud
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift
  • Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

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