Modernizing Application Infrastructure with 5G

One of the major bottlenecks for government agencies comes from working within legacy network infrastructures. Slow connection speeds and high latency are major infrastructure setbacks for establishing and improving data-driven service delivery – it is time for the public sector to evolve.

Red Hat provides proven technology solutions that can help your agency modernize its infrastructure and support a 5G Standalone Architecture (SA). Access the overview to discover how 5G infrastructure helps agencies establish computing at the edge with high speeds and low latency that save time and keep traffic away from the public cloud.

Download Red Hat’s solution Brief to learn how 5G helps your agency:

Modernizing Application Infrastructure for 5G
  • Embrace container orchestration and end-to-end data services for cloud computing
  • Automate various tasks and complex workloads to save resources and time
  • Move computing away from the edge and deliver instant service with secure telecommunications

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