Red Hat DevSecOps Framework: Establishing Collaboration Workspaces & Security Automation

Adopt and Implement a DevSecOps Approach

Security remains a major concern for government agencies as they adopt cloud technologies and develop applications. The public sector needs a simple approach to solution delivery that incorporates security into the DevOps lifecycle.

The DevSecOps framework is an extension of the DevOps collaborative culture, but DevSecOps incorporates security throughout the application lifecycle. Red Hat’s resource hub offers DevSecOps solutions and best practices for the adoption and implementation of the framework.

Modernize and secure your application life cycles with DevSecOps thumbnail
Modernize and secure your application life cycles with DevSecOps
5 ways to implement successful DevSecOps using IT automation thumbnail
5 Ways to Implement Successful DevSecOps Using IT automation
How to deploy a comprehensive DevSecOps solution thumbnail
How to Deploy a Comprehensive DevSecOps Solution

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