Red Hat and Zettaset’s Cloud Storage Encryption Improves Trust between Public Health and Safety

How to Securely Share and Protect Healthcare Data

Due to data privacy controls in healthcare facilities, current data sharing methods lack proper security and information access which prevents public agencies from making quick, informed decisions. With severe health crises like the opioid epidemic, there is a need for streamlined process that allow law enforcement agencies to collaborate with treatment providers and health departments.

Red Hat, Zettaset and Carahsoft joined the HIMSS community online for a discussion exploring the innovative encryption technologies that improves policies and their enforcement to deliver healthcare data access and security. In the on-demand webinar, experts discuss how to achieve privacy and secure access to patient data with cloud storage encryption from Red Hat and Zettaset.

Ben Cushing and Tim Reilly headshots

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Benefits of robust data sharing between public health and public safety partners
  • Challenges to building secure and sharable data systems
  • How cloud encryption can be implemented in communities

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