Enterprise Open Source Software Solutions for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal law enforcement agencies are charged with protecting American citizens and the nation’s interests while maintaining security and compliance. To achieve this, agencies require innovative technologies that can be used for policing in the field to rapidly analyze critical information.

Explore Red Hat’s digital resource hub to discover how the development of new technology has equipped law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools at the edge respond faster, ultimately supporting criminal justice efforts with real time analysis of data.

Gain access to the digital hub and learn about:

  • How law enforcement agencies are using tools that are scalable, rapid, and easy for investigators to use
  • The Ethical Deployment of AI for government and Law enforcement
  • How law enforcement agencies are leveraging automation to drive both productivity and team engagement
  • How on the Edge Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) has improved law enforcement outcomes

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