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Mission Intelligence Support for the Department of Homeland Security

Red Hat's Open Source Solutions Protect Critical Infrastructure and Data Intelligence

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) relies on critical infrastructure to carry out their missions and day-to-day operations. The DHS must implement solutions with automation capabilities as well as scalable application tools in order to modernize and improve their current IT infrastructure.

Red Hat’s open source solutions like Ansible and OpenShift allow for the DHS to quickly and efficiently deploy and scale applications on cloud infrastructures. Watch Red Hat's event series to learn how supporting edge and DevSecOps solutions can help the DHS build applications and containers as well as modernize and enhance their IT infrastructure.

Access Red Hat’s event series and supporting resources to learn how:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can help the DHS scale applications with tools for successful AI deployments.
  • Law enforcement agencies are leveraging automation to drive both productivity and team engagement.
  • To write beginner and advanced playbooks that automate IT infrastructure.
  • Leveraging tools at the edge can support criminal justice efforts with real time analysis of data.

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