Accelerate Public Sector Efficiencies with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Developing human capital in public sector organizations is critical to driving value and boosting productivity in the workforce. With enterprise automation solutions, the public sector can improve and align their workforce through collaboration to help agencies achieve their goals.

Red Hat’s Senior Solution Architect, Joseph MacLennan, hosted an enterprise automation session at the Human Capital and Intelligent Automation virtual event to discuss the simple, powerful and agentless Ansible Automation Platform. In this webinar, you will learn how agencies can optimize service delivery, streamline processes and tasks, and provide employees the tools to achieve impactful work.

Discover the benefits of Red Hat Ansible and IT automation, including:

  • Helping organizations develop human capital by boosting productivity
  • Improving management, security and compliance through standardization
  • Reducing repetitive processes, lowering costs and increasing efficiency

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IT Automation to Boost Productivity Recording Image
IT Automation to Boost Productivity Digest Image