Recorded Future threat intelligence integration the Los Angeles case study

Los Angeles Integrates SIEM with Threat Intelligence to Defend Against Cyberattacks

Recorded Future® Case Study

City departments across the nation are overwhelmed with responding to and investigating the growing numbers of security-related events and attempted network intrusions. Government agencies need real-time threat intelligence that can integrate with existing infrastructures to accelerate the incident response process.  

In this case study, you will learn how the Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (ITA) was able to improve workflows for city analysts. With the help of Recorded Future’s security intelligence solution, the ITA was able to streamline task management and secure confidential data for the city.  

Access the resource to learn how threat intelligence solutions can help public departments: 

Enhance analysts work efficiencies with automated processes

Accelerate alert triage and investigations with real-time context

Prioritize IOCs for faster incident resolution

Download the case study to improve your city’s overall cybersecurity posture.