Technology Modernization Fund Designates $100 Million for Federal CX Initiatives

How Qualtrics Supports Government Customer Experience Management


GSA recently announced $100 million from the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) will go towards helping the government improve customer experience (CX) initiatives. Federal agencies have a unique opportunity to expand their CX management when they apply for the funding.

The Qualtrics guide explores how your agency can build a strong funding proposal for the TMF to support CX initiatives. Learn how to access this new funding and how your department can improve customer experiences for constituents with solutions from Qualtrics.

Download Qualtrics TMF Guide to learn more about:

How to apply for the Technology Modernization Funds

TMF priority areas for improving Federal CX

Qualtrics customer experience management solutions

Access the resource and prepare to apply for the TMF by the initial deadline on August 1st or the final deadline on September 30th.