Microsoft Federal Supports the Cybersecurity Executive Order’s Mission to Accelerate Government IT Modernization

With an increasing number of sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks, it is imperative that the nation’s critical assets and technologies are protected. The federal government has taken steps to improve the national threat response across the digital ecosystem through the Cybersecurity Executive Order (EO).

Microsoft Federal can help government agencies strengthen their cyber response to meet the requirements of the EO. This interactive guide examines how agencies can understand milestones, build a strategic response for secure IT modernization and collaborate with partners to accelerate progress.

Using the information in this interactive guide, agencies will discover how to:

Microsoft Cyber Executive Order & IT Modernization Guide image
  • Enable security modernization and combat cyber attacks
  • Increase collaboration by securely sharing information
  • Deliver trusted and secure services to build government trust

Fill out the form to access the interactive guide and learn about Microsoft’s simple, three phase plan to help agencies adopt a zero trust architecture and fulfill the Cybersecurity Executive Order requirements.