informatica kickstart zero trust compliance webinar series

Kickstart to Compliance Series: Ensuring Data Governance Across Your Agency

Leveraging AI for Zero Trust Compliance and Data Protection

With the surge of advanced and prominent cyber threats, government agencies must modernize infrastructures to secure critical data against internal and external threat actors. Through the power of AI, the Informatica Data Privacy Management solution enables security teams to effectively implement Zero Trust frameworks while also ensuring secure access to sensitive data.

Access our comprehensive Kickstart to Compliance webinar series, featuring Bryon Rickey, Partner of Enterprise Data Governance and Privacy at ASP. In these webinars, discover how your public sector agency can leverage Informatica to comply with federal data privacy regulations, such as the Open Government Data Act (OGDA).

Fast Track Your Agency's Journey to OGDA Compliance & ZTA Data Pillar Optimal Level

Step Two On Your Agency's Journey to Achieving ZTA Data Pillar Optimal Level

The Journey's End

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