HPE Greenlake and Nutanix Help Higher Education Institutions on their Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

Higher education institutions are facing new challenges including a push to implement remote learning, tight IT budgets and other demands that test the limits of staff resources. To help ease this transition, institutions need solutions that simplify their journey to a better, hybrid cloud.

HPE GreenLake and Nutanix work together to bring simplicity to the cloud operating models of colleges and universities by providing virtual desktop infrastructure, database-as-a-service, private cloud storage and networking-as-a-service. Explore the resource to learn about the benefits of hybrid cloud migration, adoption and management to help higher-ed facilities modernize and succeed.

Access the resources to learn how hybrid cloud helps colleges and universities:

HPE Greenlake Solution Brief thumbnail
  • Keep up with evolving higher-ed needs
  • Better manage institutional costs
  • Deliver a flexible and scalable approach to modern IT

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