Preparing for the Future: HPE AI for SLG and Education

How State and Local Governments and Education Institutions Leverage HPE’s AI Solutions for Digital Transformation

There is a high demand for technology that will help streamline operations, safeguard student and faculty data, and maximize cost efficiencies. State, local, and education leaders are in need of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that will meet these needs.

HPE, the world’s leader in high-performance computing technology, is helping these organizations shift to AI-driven operations with a range of solutions that include accelerated AI hardware and software. This webinar provides an overview of AI and HPE’s solutions, and explains how government and education institutions can use this technology to gain valuable insights from their data.

View the on-demand recording and hear HPE’s AI expert Steve Heibein discuss:

  • Specific AI use cases for state and local governments as well as education institutions
  • HPE’s AI solutions that include software, hardware, and other tools
  • The AI development process and the value of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)