hitachi vantara federal industry insights from sea air space conference 2023

Revolutionizing Data Management for the Navy

Sea-Air-Space 2023 Features the Power of the Hitachi Lumada Platform

To ensure the success of military operations, the Navy must effectively manage and utilize vast amounts of time-sensitive information generated by multiple sensor platforms and other technological assets. At Sea-Air-Space 2023, Hitachi Vantara Federal showcased how the DoD modernizes their data management capabilities with edge storage solutions, enabling real-time access to mission-critical information.

Unlock the Carahcast to hear Phil Fuster, CFO at Hitachi Vantara Federal, discuss how the Hitachi Lumada platform integrates AI into system processes to simplify the complexities of data classification, storage management and analysis.

Through innovative edge storage solutions and state-of-the-art data analytics tools,
Hitachi Vantara Federal empowers public sector organizations to:

Streamline operations

Protect confidential information

Optimize data-driven decisions

Enhance fleet readiness

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