HIMSS: Healthcare’s Renewed Focus on Cyber-Resilience

HIMSS Journal: Cyber Resilience Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

Security and Risk Mitigation for Ransomware Attack Protection

Since COVID-19, healthcare organizations (HCOs) have become a major target for cyber criminals and have experienced a significant increase in malware attacks. HCOs need to develop new strategies and best practices to improve risk mitigation and ransomware attack prevention.

HIMSS produced the HIT Manager's Journal to help HCOs build a cyber resilience strategy to decrease their vulnerability to ransomware attacks. The journal features info briefs from Carahsoft’s trusted healthcare technology providers including Akamai, Fidelis, Lookout, Veritas, VMware and Wasabi.

Access the HIT Manager’s journal to discover healthcare cybersecurity best practices including how to:

HIMSS HIT Journal - Cyber Resilience thumbnail
  • Utilize a Zero Trust architecture for attack protection
  • Implement a defense in-depth strategy
  • Avoid costs associated with ransomware attacks
  • Secure cloud data with next generation storage

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