Looking for a Temporary Solution to Manage Public Records Requests? Download GovQA's Free Spreadsheet

GovQA’s Records Management Excel Template Supports Public Request Tracking

Many government agencies struggle to track and log the high- volume of public records requests received. To ensure no request falls through the cracks, agencies must have a systematic and efficient document management and review process in place.

GovQA, now part of Granicus, has created a free excel template as a temporary solution that helps state and local governments track and review public records requests. Additionally, GovQA provides a more robust solution through automated tracking that helps agencies manage complex and high-volume requests that the template cannot accommodate.

When utilizing GovQA’s template, follow these four simple steps:

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  • Download the free records management excel template
  • Input and log request information in the spreadsheet
  • Determine response deadlines based on state laws
  • Assess if the request requires redaction or legal review

Fill Out the Form and Download the simple spreadsheet from GovQA to improve your request management process.