GovForward fedramp headliner summit on-demand

GovForward FedRAMP Headliner Summit 2023

GovExec and Carahsoft co-hosted the annual GovForward FedRAMP Summit in Washington, D.C. to discuss the evolving threat landscape of federal cloud adoption. This event brings together government experts and industry innovators to examine the impact of threat-based cloud adoption, Federal policy changes and the power of knowledge sharing that drives technological advancements.

Stay current with the latest developments in cloud computing and federal cybersecurity by accessing the on-demand sessions from this year’s conference. Discover how secure cloud computing solutions can shape the future of your agency or organization.

On-Demand Sessions

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Francis Rose, Host, Fed Gov Today

Program Introduction

Speaker: Craig Abod, President, Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Opening Keynote

Amid government’s sweeping migration to the cloud, pressure to update FedRAMP policies has long been building among legislators. Where do key policymakers priorities lie in the future for cloud adoption efforts? In this session, the 2023 FedRAMP Summit kicks off with critical insights from the legislators driving change for cloud.

Speaker: Rep. Gerry Connolly, US Congressman, Virginia's 11th District

The Role of Data and Risk Management in the New Threat Landscape

In a world of ever-evolving threats, cybersecurity experts recognize that an attack is not a matter of if, but when. A new horizon of cybersecurity requires not only prevention tactics but a more critical focus on risk management. How is the current threat landscape revolutionizing cybersecurity strategy? How can leaders better execute data-driven responses to cyber threats? In this session, experts in government and industry weigh in on the technology and tactics necessary to stay one step ahead of the next threat.

Speakers: Gabriel Davis, Risk Operations Team Lead, CISA
Susan Valverde, Senior Manager of Federal Solutions Engineering, Oracle
Juliana Vida, GVP, Chief Strategy Advisor - Public Sector, Splunk
Anne Armstrong, VP, Strategic Alliances, GovExec [Moderator]

FedRAMP'ing - The Key to Accelerating Cyber Defense Improvements

Improving this nation’s cyber defense has been a consistent theme and called out in federal guidance issued by the White House with Executive Order 14028, the National Cybersecurity Strategy, as well as CISA’s Strategic Plan 2023–2025. To accelerate improvements in cyber defense for federal agencies, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) must continue to adopt FedRamp practices to usher in needed innovation to elevate this nation’s cyber defense capabilities. OpenText Cybersecurity is poised to help this nation in Defending and Protecting Forward by offering a range of cloud services and capabilities to anticipate, adapt and evolve cyber defenses to counter threat actors’ behaviors and activities.

Speaker: Kevin E. Greene, Chief Technology Officer, Public Sector, OpenText Cybersecurity

The Role of Authorization in Hybrid and Cloud Environments

Better managing access control is critical to adopting Zero Trust best practices. As you move to the cloud, managing access to your data, apps, and APIs in a hybrid environment becomes even more challenging. Join this session to understand why authorization is more relevant now than ever and how fine-grained authorization gives you the level of security needed to lay the foundation for Zero Trust.

Speakers: Joshua Stultz, Cloud Operation and Security Team Lead, NIH
Ololade "TuTu" Owoade, Acting Deputy Director, Audit Division, FEMA
Loren Russon, SVP, Product Management, Ping Identity
Troy Schneider, President, GovExec 360 [Moderator]

Navigating the FedRAMP Certification: Best Practices and Challenges

This presentation aims to provide a high-level overview of the FedRAMP certification process, including the essential steps, requirements, and challenges that vendors encounter along the way. Attendees will gain insights into the benefits of achieving FedRAMP compliance, the intricacies of preparing for and undergoing the assessment, and practical strategies for streamlining the certification process. Through a real-world example, the presentation will also highlight common pitfalls and share best practices for addressing them.

Speaker: Regina Hartman, Lead Account Manager, Juniper Networks

Transforming Customer Experience with the Cloud

Experts have long realized the power of cloud-based technologies to deliver more reliable, scalable, and flexible solutions previously bogged down by legacy systems. As the current administration places more emphasis on the importance of customer experience, cloud has become even more of a valuable asset. In this session, experts explore the benefits of cloud-based solutions, the impact artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies have on the infrastructure, and where more can be done to improve customer experience delivery.

Speakers: Mark Lucas, Director of Cloud Computing, Department of Homeland Security
Wole Moses, Microsoft Federal Civilian Cloud Innovation Leader, Microsoft
Ravi Jagannathan, Sr. Director of Global Certification, Assurance and Trust, Palo Alto Networks
Anne Armstrong, VP Strategic Alliances, Govexec [Moderator]

Unpacking Sponsorships

The most difficult step in the FedRAMP process involves finding sponsorship. Many misconceptions and competing interpretations of roles have created confusion around this key element. This session mythbusts the process to outline best practices agencies and industry partners can follow, provide tangible solutions to the more complicated elements of FedRAMP authorization, and mitigate roadblocks in collaboration opportunities.

Speakers: Martin Rieger, Chief Solutions Officer, StackArmor
Karen Laughton, Executive Vice President, Coalfire
Matt Topper, President & Solutions Catalyst, Uber
EtherTroy Schneider, President, GovExec 360 [Moderator]

Value of FedRAMP Enterprise Solution Portfolio

In today’s world, Federal agencies have successfully adopted individual cloud solutions that adhere to FedRAMP. The next frontier is to manage and adopt a portfolio of FedRAMP related cloud solutions to improve adoption and accelerate the innovation cycle. This session will review the recommendations and best practices for providing business users the full breath and scope of enterprise cloud solutions that address their FedRAMP requirements.

Speaker: Kevin Gallagher, Cloud Product Launch Lead, SAP NS2

StateRAMP: Where are They Now?

As a top target for cyber criminals, state and local government in particular must remain vigilant in protecting citizens' sensitive data. StateRAMP, designed as a public-private partnership, enables state and local governments to reduce cyber risks from unsecured cloud solutions. Where have they been and where are they going? In this session, unpack StateRAMP's priorities for 2023 and understand the ways in which they've implemented lessons learned from their partners in FedRAMP.

Speakers: Steven Boberski, Senior Business Development Executive and Public Sector Field CTO, Genesys [Opening Remarks]
Ted Cotterill, Chief Privacy Officer, State of Indiana, StateRAMP Secretary-Treasurer
Leah McGrath, Executive Director, StateRAMP
Nancy Rainosek, Chief Information Security Officer, State of TexasChris Teale, Tech Reporter, Route Fifty [Moderator]

Out with the Old, In with the New: What's Ahead for FedRAMP

With evolving technology, comes evolving risk. How is FedRAMP evolving alongside risks to meet the moment? In this session, hear from the leadership spearheading FedRAMP's continued success, the priorities for the year ahead, and how an evolving threat landscape has informed new endeavors.

Speakers: Maria Roat, President, M.A. Roat Consulting, Former Deputy Federal CIO and Former FedRAMP Director
Zach Bennefield, Principal Security Engineer, Tenable
George Jackson, VP, Events, Govexec 360 [Moderator]

Streamlining FedRAMP Authorizations with Automation and Data Standards

Speaker: Anil Karmel, Co-Founder and CEO, RegScale

Revolutionizing the Digital Landscape: From Secure Signatures to Content Authenticity

Join us as we delve into the pivotal role of digital signatures, content security and authenticity in thwarting fraudulent documents and deep fakes leveraging FedRAMP authorized Adobe solutions.

Speaker: Jonathan Benett, Chief, Global Government Solutions, Adobe

Stand in the Arena: Culture and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Recruiting and retaining cybersecurity professionals in government is hard. It’s an incredibly competitive landscape, further complicated by the fact that it can be tough for agencies to compete financially with their counterparts in the private sector. In 2021, CISA Chief Information Officer Robert Costello made culture one of his top priorities. This moderated keynote will cover some of the challenges he faced, how his team addressed them, where those initiatives are delivering results, and why it’s important to have room to fail.

Speakers: Michael Duarte, Senior Solutions Engineer, Acquia [Opening Remarks]
Robert Costello, Chief Information Officer, CISA
George Jackson, VP, Events, Govexec 360 [Moderator]

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Francis Rose, Host, Fed Gov Today

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