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GitLab Automates and Manages Infrastructure Deployments with GitOps Workflows

The new Cybersecurity Executive Order (EO) joins other federal cloud regulations and frameworks, creating immense pressure for public sector agencies to accelerate development and deployment processes while maintaining security and compliance. In order to adopt new cloud computing and cloud native technologies, agencies need to update legacy infrastructures that block innovation and security.

With GitOps principles, government agencies can utilize DevOps best practices such as version control, collaboration, compliance, and CI/CD, and apply them to infrastructure automation. Discover how GitOps from GitLab, allows you to manage and deploy to various infrastructures, including Kubernetes and serverless technologies, across different cloud platforms.

Access the eBook to learn more about GitOps workflow features, including:

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  • Version control, CI/CD and container registry, integration for configuration management, orchestration and infrastructure provisioning
  • Better traceability across the workflow to connect infrastructure deployments with the change that was made
  • Risk reduction by supporting governance and compliance requirements, particularly NIST EO 11 recommendations, including application scanning, fuzzing, and more
  • Agent-based and agentless approach provides customers a choice to pick the right approach for their environments

Download GitLab’s eBook to learn more about how your agency can benefit from a GitOps workflow.