Forcepoint eBook: What’s Next for Antivirus? Download the Resource

Forcepoint is Transforming Antivirus Detection to Help Government Agencies Combat Cybercrime

Detection-based antivirus defenses are no longer capable of defeating evolved and more sophisticated cyber attacks. Agencies must transform their approach to combatting cybercriminals to maintain security while carrying out regular government operations.

Forcepoint examines how the detection-based approach to antivirus technology has functioned in the past, and how organization’s strategy must change moving forward. Download the eBook to examine how a transformative new approach to malware protection and analysis is the next evolutionary step to defend against cybercriminals.

Access the resource to learn how Forcepoint solutions help your agency:

Forcepoint eBook: What’s Next for Antivirus? Download the Resource
  • Deliver complete immunity from malware now and in the future
  • Sanitize every file and image to render them free of every threat
  • Rob the attacker of their ability to hide from detection
  • Dramatically reduce the costs of monitoring, patching and remediation

Download the eBook to learn how Forcepoint can upgrade your defenses and protect your organization.