EDB Community 360: De-risk Your Postgres Database

EDB Community 360 Plan for PostgreSQL Security

Enterprise-Level Support and Protection for Relational Open Source Databases

Database modernization is a top priority for agencies facing growing technological demands. PostgreSQL is a modern, relational database system that offers the public sector the freedom, reliability and flexibility needed to scale their database without increasing costs. When leveraging the capabilities of a Postgres, it is crucial to have an enterprise support expert to help you build an effective open source database strategy.

EDB helps government agencies migrate from their legacy databases to take advantage of the stability, scalability and security of PostgreSQL. The EDB Community 360 plan provides enterprise-level protection for PostgreSQL through risk management and remote DBA services that support database migration, application building and data infrastructure modernization. Explore the resources to learn how Community 360 security and support services enable IT teams to maximize the Postgres database.

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Learn more by scheduling time with our experts or visiting the EDB Community 360 website.