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DocuSign Activity Tracking and Monitoring Safeguards Student Data Against Security Breaches

DocuSign is committed to protecting customer data across all operating environments. DocuSign has invested heavily in achieving the highest security standards from the start (ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, etc.). As DocuSign adoption and use cases continue to grow, it becomes increasingly valuable for customers to have visibility into user activity across all accounts.

DocuSign Monitor: Threat Detection, Investigation and Response

Security operations teams need to be able to detect unauthorized internal or external activity which can lead to data breaches, malicious or not. In addition to security, compliance must be considered. Institutions need tools to enforce policies and maintain industry compliance across all of their accounts, including data flows between DocuSign and other third-party systems.

Potential threats are detected nearly in real-time with rules-based alerts. With this level of visibility, teams are able to investigate incidents with in-depth, actionable data that validates and responds quickly to verified threats before any significant damage is done.

This data can also be delivered to existing security stacks by easily integrating with software like Splunk, Tableau and Power BI. This enables teams to use the tools they’re already familiar with and tailor dashboards based on institutional needs.

For existing Splunk Customers: With the new DocuSign Monitor Dashboards and Alerts App for Splunk, users can track account activity, investigate incidents, and respond quickly through rich dashboards and alerting features. The app is available now in Splunkbase, the official Splunk app marketplace.

Track and Monitor Unauthorized Document Activity in Your Institution

  • Protect Student, Employee and Institutional Data
  • Detect Foreign Influence Risk
  • Manage Conflict of Interests Risk
  • And more, including over 50 events related to user access

The activity that triggers alerts may or may not be inappropriate, which is why DocuSign Monitor provides in-depth information to help security teams investigate thoroughly. This information includes details such as IP Address, location and recommended actions. Please contact our sales team for preferred, early access to pricing programs exclusive at Carahsoft.

DocuSign Monitor Resource Hub for Education

There have been over 1800 data breaches in educational institutions since 2005, resulting in 28.6M individual records at risk because of these breaches. For institutions that have recorded data breaches of personally identifiable information (PII), the average cost per record was $180. Alarmingly, it took 287 days on average to identify and contain a data breach. With all the privacy laws affecting higher education institutions, to risk of any data breach is significant. DocuSign wants to help.

It’s an always-on, digital world now. People want, and increasingly expect to have, the ability to conduct business securely with digital tools that are available 24/7. Doing business with educational institutions should be no different. Let DocuSign track critical eSignature account activity to guard against security threats and provide oversight for your DocuSign environment.

Explore the resources below to learn more about how DocuSign Monitor helps education institutions ensure data privacy for students with activity tracking and monitoring solutions.

Contact our DocuSign Team at, or call us at (877)-733-2007 to learn more about the leading electronic signature solution.

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