How Government Agencies Can Leverage Data in Motion

Confluent On-Demand Workshop Featuring Will LaForest

It is crucial for government agencies to have access to critical data across distributed missions. The data in motion architecture, built on data streaming, has gained rapid adoption and enabled public sector organizations to transform information management, access and sharing. Explore the resources to learn about Confluent data in motion and how it is being applied within government.

Listen to Confluent’s Americas and Public Sector Field CTO, Will LaForest, offer insights on how government agencies can leverage data in motion to achieve mission-critical objectives. Will has spent 26 years working with customers across the government, enabling them to realize the benefits of data in motion and wrangle information at a massive scale. His technical expertise includes data technology innovation, software engineering, NoSQL, data science, cloud computing, machine learning and building statistical visualization software.

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Will LaForest

Field CTO, Americas and Public Sector, Confluent

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