Cloudera: Advanced Persistent Threat – What is the Danger, and How Should I Prepare?

The Danger of Advanced Persistent Threat and How Cloudera’s Open Source Solutions Help

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) presents an enormous cyber threat to government agencies as it often results in large-scale theft of sensitive data. APT poses serious risks for any IT system, escalating the need for organizations to understand and defend themselves against these threats.

Cloudera’s whitepaper outlines what you need to know about APT and how you can prepare for and respond to attacks. With open source platforms from Cloudera, your agency can protect sensitive data from any APT with threat intelligence and security analytic solutions.

Access the resource to learn about how your agency can:

  • Understand and recognize the risks of APT
  • Identify potential risks before an attack occurs
  • Implement defenses against APT with Cloudera

Download Cloudera’s whitepaper to learn more about APT and how Cloudera can protect your agency.