Cloudera: Defending Against Advance Persistent Threats

The complexity of modern IT infrastructure and the increase of software dependence presents several cybersecurity vulnerabilities to defense weaponry and government networks. Cybercrimes have evolved from one-time transfers to advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. To respond effectively and protect against APTs, defense and public sector agencies need to understand how these threats operate.

The C4ISRNET and Cloudera whitepaper will provide you with essential details about advanced persistent threats to build an effective cybersecurity strategy. Uncover the methods the Department of Defense uses to fight against sophisticated cyber threats.

Download the resource to learn about the fundamentals of APT attacks along with:

  • Challenges APTs have posed for defense and government systems
  • Defense strategies to protect against cyberwarfare
  • How to detect and respond to attacks
  • The future of APT security

Access Cloudera's whitepaper to learn how to protect your network systems from advanced persistent threats.