How Cellebrite Pathfinder uses AI & Machine Learning to Enhance Digital Evidence Management

Digital Data can no longer be ignored in modern day investigations but reviewing thousands of data points from digital evidence cannot be done manually. Police Departments need automated solutions that utilize artificial intelligence to sort through mountains of incoming data, or else investigators risk missing key evidence that could lead to the swift resolution of a case.

Cellebrite Pathfinder helps solve this issue by eliminating the time-consuming and manual review of digital evidence such as images, text messages and social media posts. Pathfinder can expedite your investigation using AI and Machine Learning algorithms to highlight formative leads and actionable insights in one comprehensive, scalable platform.

Our Free Cellebrite Product Overview reviews the features and key benefits of Cellebrite Pathfinder including:

Cellebrite Pathfinder Product Overview
  • Collaborate amongst investigators, analysts and prosecutors agency-wide
  • Deployable on Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud
  • Facial Recognition and Image categorization
  • All Media, Sources and Data Points are Consolidated into a Singular Searchable Dashboard

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