Zero trust security that safeguards agency operations

Zero Trust Security Model Explained: Best Practices to Implement a Zero Trust Framework

How Agencies can Safeguard Operations via a Modern Cybersecurity Approach

As cyberattack strategies continue to evolve, government agencies are facing greater security threats than ever before. To reduce risk and remain compliant with cybersecurity regulations, it is crucial for the public sector to safeguard operations, devices, networks, data and applications.

The Zero Trust security model helps agencies protect data, technology and assets across hybrid cloud environments. Access the resource to discover security best practices and learn how Carahsoft and its partners provide an extensive cyber solutions portfolio that supports Zero Trust adoption.

Download the datasheet to learn more about the principles of the CISA Zero Trust model, including:

Zero trust model data sheet preview
  • The fundamentals of a zero trust network
  • 7 steps to create a zero trust framework
  • 8 pillars of the zero trust maturity model
  • How to implement a zero trust architecture

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