BeyondTrust Podcasts: DoD Cybersecurity Innovation with DISA Speakers

Best Practices to Enhance the DoD’s Cybersecurity Strategy with Identity and Privileged Access Management

With users and devices now accessing critical information from anywhere, the Department of Defense (DoD) should ensure that effective methods of verification are in place. To establish an effective cybersecurity strategy, the DoD must focus on identity and access management.

Experts from BeyondTrust and the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) joined together for two podcasts to discuss how the DoD can build an effective zero trust security strategy with identity and privileged access management. Stream the podcasts to learn more about cybersecurity and digital modernization in the DoD.

Stream the podcasts to hear the cybersecurity experts discuss:

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  • A digital modernization strategy for security innovation
  • How to develop identity credential and access management (ICAM)
  • Access management for enterprise it as a service (EITaaS)
  • How to build a zero trust approach with identity and privileged access management
Securing DoD Enterprise Innovation with ICAM Podcast Image
Panel Discussion Zero Trust the Pentagons Identity Centric Security Roadmap Podcast Image

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