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As a result of the increased demand for civil infrastructures, transportation agencies and government departments need comprehensive road design software to meet project requirements on time. Bentley OpenRoads Designer is an all-in-one application used for all types and phases of civil projects to help organizations successfully deliver road and highway projects. Bentley helps government transportation departments and agencies streamline workflows within one application to design in 2D, 3D, and beyond to create a solid foundation and scalability for any road project.

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[e-Book] OpenRoads Designer: One Application – Start to Finish and Everything in Between

Get the road design and engineering software you need for today's road projects.

Traditional 2D methods are manual, tedious, and full of communication and data gaps, leaving you frustrated, exhausted, and stuck with a project that is costing you accuracy, time, and money. OpenRoads Designer contains all aspects of road design, in ONE application.

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[Case Study] Expansion of Jacksonville’s Interstate 95

RS&H Reduces Design Time On Critical Hurricane Evacuation Route in Florida

In 2015, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) consulted with engineering firm RS&H about issues with congestion on I-95 between Atlantic Blvd. and J Turner Butler Blvd. (JTB). RS&H performed a preliminary design and environment study to address the capacity of that five-mile stretch of interstate.

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[Datasheet] OpenRoads Designer

One Application. Start to Finish.

Extremely versatile, OpenRoads Designer is used for all types and phases of civil projects, large and small, by users at every level of expertise. It handles a wide variety of complex tasks with ease, including interchange design, roundabout design, site development, sanitary and stormwater network design, and the production of construction staking reports.

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[Case Study] NYSDOT Industrializes East 138th Street Bridge Using Digital Twin

Bentley Applications Help Accurately Convey Planning and Resolve Costly On-site Construction Issues

With Bentley’s comprehensive, integrated modeling and iTwin technology, NYSDOT was able to accurately design and generate a digital twin that helped identify and resolve costly issues prior to construction.

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[Case Study] Old Torrance Gets a Fresh New Look
When the City of Torrance, California decided it was time for a facelift to a section of Cravens Avenue in the historic downtown area, it was much more than a simple repaving project. At over 100 years oldd,“Old Torrance,” needed a major refresh. See how OpenRoads Designer, MicroStation, and OpenFlows were used.
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[Case Study] AECOM Enhances US-Canada Border Crossing with Michigan Interstate-75 Interchange Improvements

Digital Software Solutions Reduce Multidiscipline Design Time by 12%

Using Bentley applications, AECOM delivered a high-quality model that met all the client’s specifications. Digital workflows reduced design time by 12% and the overall carbon footprint by 5%.

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