Hydraulics and Hydrology Modeling Software Supports Water System Design and Analysis

Agencies need efficient and cost-effective infrastructure solutions that provide real-time insights and visibility to develop and operate their water systems.

Bentley OpenFlows is a reliable and resilient water modeling software that allows users to plan, design, operate and analyze hydraulic systems to ensure optimal real-world outcomes.

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[Case Study] Barwon Water Uses WaterGEMS to Improve Productivity,
Asset Management, and Customer Service

Learn how Barwon Water deployed Bentley’s OpenFlows™ WaterGEMS® and integrated it into their geographic information system (GIS) to simulate shutdowns and measure the impact on system performance.

How Can Open Flows WaterGEMS Thumbnail thumbnail
[Opinion Brief] How Can OpenFlows WaterGEMS Help Me?

From figuring out pipe sizing to determining capacity, OpenFlows™ WaterGEMS® can help. Check out 11 ways you can advance traditional water distribution, modeling, and management.

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[Product Datasheet] How do I pick which of the OpenFlows sewer applications is best for my work?

Wondering which sewer application is best for you? Check out this comprehensive comparison chart.

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[White Paper] Emergencies: Preventing, Preparing, and Responding

This whitepaper dives into preventing, preparing, and responding to water emergencies.

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[Opinion Brief] How Can OpenFlows SewerGEMS and
Related Products Help Me?

Top tips for solving the most common challenges in sewer modeling and management.

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[Product Datasheet] OpenFlows WaterSight

Gain real-time insights into operations strategies with OpenFlows™ WaterSight®. See what the typical quantitative benefits and actionable insights are in the product data sheet.

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