Jira Service Management Post-Implementation Digest

Streamline State and Local ITSM Digital Transformations

As digital transformations create uncertainty in organizational planning and resource allocation, State and Local agencies must optimize Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) systems to improve service delivery. After implementing Jira Service Management (JSM), Atlassian provides Public Sector agencies with training and deployment support to maximize the value of the JSM platform.

At Atlassian’s Team Tour: Government conference, Sam Nadarajan, Atlassian Business Lead at Kunz, Leigh and Associates (KL&A), discussed best practices and practical insights for organizations leveraging the JSM platform to maximize workflow productivity. Access the session digest and discover how State and Local Government agencies are enhancing service delivery with an intuitive, unified ITSM platform.

Unlock the JSM digest and explore how Atlassian accelerates mission-critical services by:

  • Simplifying Help Center and Customer Portal processes
  • Unifying information within an innovative knowledge base
  • Creating Service-Level Agreements to set expectations
  • Modernizing customer experience with JSM channels

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