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U.S. Space Force Modernizes Mission Assurance with Atlassian Solutions

How the USSF Unleashed its Digital Potential by Optimizing Service Management

The United States Space Force provides crucial space and cyberspace capabilities to advance essential research and drive development that protects U.S. and allied interests. The leaders of the USSF depend on innovative software to keep pace with evolving mission requirements and address security needs.

In this case study, discover how Atlassian, in partnership with Contegix and Silicon Mountain Technologies, enabled the U.S. Space Force to replace legacy systems and streamline processes with modern, tailor-made Jira solutions.

Download the case study to learn more about:

U.S. Space Force Modernizes Mission Assurance with Atlassian resource thumbnail
  • Challenges afflicting the U.S. Space Force
  • Critical features in Atlassian tools used to optimize workflows
  • The U.S. Space Force’s successful integration process with Jira Software and Confluence
  • The U.S. Space Force’s 70% increase in launch tempo while using Atlassian tools

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