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Develop an Agile Organization Structure for Better Employee Engagement

For government agencies to be successful in their digital transformations and optimize mission delivery, putting personnel, processes and technology first needs to be a priority. Digital transformation allows the public sector to focus on meeting citizen expectations, but to achieve this they must first look internally and make improvements to the culture and mindset of their organizations.

This webinar examines digital transformation through the lens of developing an agile organization structure. Incorporating an agile mindset and culture into a network organization structure leads to better employee engagement and more motivated workers by providing them autonomy in the workplace.

Stream Atlassian and Adaptavist’s webinar to hear from John Turley, a digital transformation consultant, as he discusses:

  • Relative power in the structure of organizations
  • Motivational orientation in the mindset of employees
  • Patterns of conversation and the impact on agency culture

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