Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools to Make Use of Predictive Analytics


Improve Healthcare Operations with AI/ML Technologies

The healthcare industry is faced with the challenge of finding avenues to effectively organize and leverage the data required to power artificial intelligence (AI) solutions built on machine learning (ML) solutions. In order to succeed, an enterprise must be willing to adopt more creative and efficient processes to establish a stronger digital infrastructure on which to run its enterprise.

Transitioning away from the silo data mindset can improve healthcare operations resulting in greater efficiency and efficacy in patient care and treatment. However, this can prove to be a daunting transition due to legacy applications. By incorporating Red Hat’s industry-leading enterprise open source solutions, organizations are better positioned to serve all stakeholders and enable them to leverage predictive capabilities that benefit payers, providers, and, most importantly, patients.

Leveraging AI/ML solutions can improve:

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  • The collection, distribution, and utilization of information for clinicians treatment of patients
  • Organization and optimization of data from multiple sources
  • Predictions/identifications of conditions or diseases

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