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By 2025, three quarters of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the edge, outside of a traditional data center or cloud.1

Fulfilling the promise of real-time edge data processing and analysis requires significant intelligence and computational horsepower that’s close to the action.
Say hello to KubeFrame for AI-Edge.

Red Hat, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA have collaborated to create a solution that combines easily portable hardware, powerful open source software and industry-leading security to make real-time AI-driven edge processing a reality.

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KubeFrame for AI-Edge Executive Summary
High performance AI and Machine Learning in a case that can easily fit in an airplane’s overhead compartment.
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KubeFrame Gives the Edge to Public Sector AI
Public sector trends and challenges in edge computing addressed by the industry’s newest bundled AI-driven edge solution.
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KubeFrame for AI-Edge Datasheet
Features, benefits and technical specifications for Red Hat, HPE & NVIDIA’s turnkey, field-deployable edge solution.

From city streets to hostile environments, KubeFrame for AI-Edge offers a wide number of potential use cases for organizations across the public sector.

Access the resources and reach out to to learn how you can enable highly secure data processing at the edge.

1van der Meulen, Rob. “What Edge Computing Means for Infrastructure and Operations Leaders.” Smarter with Gartner, Gartner, 3 Oct. 2018,

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