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“The spike in load that they [LA County] saw within a couple hours was astronomical - not something they'd seen before.”

When the Woolsey Fires struck in California, Los Angeles County experienced an exponential spike in CPU load to their website as citizens flocked for updates on family, animal and home safety.

Red Hat OpenShift, a leading hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes application platform, enabled their agency to scale with the increased traffic and deliver information faster to different citizen forums.

"We're talking about milliseconds, not hours, where it [technology] is able to scale to what the need is." - Bill Hirsch, Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Fill out the form for access to the full conversation between Chief Roland Sprewell, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Los Angeles County Fire Department, and Bill Hirsch, Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat, as they explore how emerging technology is enabling agency response efforts in public information management.




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