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Red Hat Report: The State of Enterprise Open Source in 2022

Top 4 Uses and Future Trends in Enterprise Open Source Solutions

As a result of the increased risk with scaling hybrid work environments, enterprise open source is more important than ever in the IT landscape. Since the pandemic, organizations around the world have found new ways to operate remotely and adapt to unforeseen challenges. Open source communities, however, have been working this way and digitally collaborating for more than 25 years.

In 2022, Red Hat commissioned their fourth annual report by interviewing 1,296 IT leaders worldwide to better understand the future trends and business impacts of enterprise open source. Learn how your organization can leverage Red Hat open source software to achieve a sustainable digital transform.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current IT landscape and explores:

Report cover
  • Why security is a benefit of enterprise open source
  • Where enterprise open source stands compared to proprietary software
  • How organizations across the globe are using enterprise open source

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