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Craft your cloud strategy and become cloud native with Red Hat.

For public safety agencies seeking to modernize IT and deliver better services to their citizens with fewer resources, cloud adoption should be a paramount priority.

Join Daniel Goosen, Chief Architect with Level Up, for a conversation geared toward state and local first responder agencies around becoming cloud native with Red Hat’s emerging technologies.

SAP NS2 Narrowing the Divide Between Federal and Commercial Tech
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“Kubernetes has become the de facto approach in container orchestration…and we need to understand that containerizing the application is just the first step.”

- Daniel Goosen, Chief Architect, Level Up Technology

Stream the webinar to explore Level Up’s pro tips for Becoming Cloud Native, including:

  • How becoming cloud native means becoming DevOps
  • Why automating everything you can means everything
  • Why continuous delivery means more than just your app pipelines
  • When you should lean on your cloud platform for reliability and scalability

Preview the session below and submit the form for full access to learn more about the value of Red Hat’s solutions for state and local government agencies across the public sector.