As budgets shrink and technology advances, state and local government agencies are increasingly challenged to deliver better services with fewer resources.

With Red Hat’s industry-leading enterprise open source solutions, agencies have the tools required to overcome existing IT challenges, prepare for the digital future, and achieve their mission.

Public Safety & Crisis Response
Public Safety &
Crisis Response
Revamp IT infrastructure, application architecture, and processes to better protect people and property.
Health & Human Services
Health & Human
Improve workforce productivity, reduce IT costs, and achieve better outcomes for citizens.
Transportation & Instratructure
Transportation &
Use modern IT tools and processes to meet goals for safety, service, agility, and cost containment.

From smart cities to crisis response, Red Hat’s stable, secure technologies offer a wide number of potential use cases for state and local government IT agencies.

Access the infographics and reach out to to learn more about Red Hat’s solutions for the public sector.

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