Federal Zero Trust Automation Strategy

Defending Data and Securing Privileged Access at the Edge

As increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks threaten network security, the public sector must safeguard critical infrastructures and protect system vulnerabilities by integrating automation into their zero trust frameworks. Discover how to streamline your agency's IT modernization strategy with automated identity and access management (IAM) tools that prevent unauthorized users from extorting sensitive data.

Read the Red Hat and Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) mission brief, to unlock industry insights and best practices for government agencies that need to meet zero trust requirements and leverage security automation. Explore how process automation technology accelerates IT operations while enhancing security and efficiency across public sector departments.

Discover how federal, state and local agencies are implementing automation into their security architectures to:

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  • Establish a strategic zero trust strategy
  • Enhance security with comprehensive network visibility
  • Meet federal regulations and maintain zero trust compliance

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