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Ongoing Malvertising Campaign leads to Ransomware

May 16, 2024

"Rapid7 has observed an ongoing campaign to distribute trojanized installers for WinSCP and PuTTY via malicious ads on commonly used search engines, where clicking on the ad leads to typo squatted domains..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

5 key MDR differentiators to look for to build stronger security resilience

May 16, 2024

"Organizations looking to address the skills gap and bring greater efficiency as their business grows and their attack surface sprawls are turning to MDR providers at an accelerated pace..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

AI Trust Risk and Security Management: Why Tackle Them Now?

May 16, 2024

"In the evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), keeping our customers secure and maintaining their trust is our top priority. As AI technologies integrate more deeply into our daily operations and services, they bring a set of unique challenges that demand a robust management strategy..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Layered Defense to Stop Attacks Before they Begin

May 09, 2024

"Ransomware has evolved from opportunistic attacks to highly orchestrated campaigns driven by cyber criminals who are seeking high financial gains..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Signs 100% Talent Compact with Boston Women’s Workforce Council

May 08, 2024

"Rapid7 is proud to announce their signing of the 100% Talent Compact through the Boston Women’s Workforce Council (BWWC). The Talent Compact is a collective effort among the Boston Mayor and local employers to close the gender and racial wage gaps in Greater Boston..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Four Key Benefits of Rapid7’s New Managed Digital Risk Protection Service

April 19, 2024

"Cybercrime has boomed to the third largest economy in the world behind the US and China (Cybernews), with much of the most nefarious behavior on the dark web..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7’s Ciara Cullinan Recognized as Community Trailblazer in Belfast Awards Program

March 14, 2024

"At the 2024 Women Who Code She Rocks Awards, Rapid7 Software Engineer II Ciara Cullinan was recognized with their ‘Community Trailblazer’ award..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Securing the Next Level: Automated Cloud Defense in Game Development with InsightCloudSec

March 07, 2024

"Imagine the following scenario: You're about to enjoy a strategic duel on chess.com or dive into an intense battle in Fortnite, but as you log in, you find your hard-earned achievements, ranks, and reputation have vanished into thin air..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Introducing Active Risk

January 24, 2024

"Cyber risk is increasing both in volume and velocity. Given the landscape of threats, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, organizations, teams and vulnerability analysts alike need of better prioritization mechanisms..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Attackers are Working Around The Clock. Luckily, So Are We.

November 30, 2023

"It takes an average of 204 days for organizations to discover a breach, and from there an average of 73 days to contain it. With the average cost of a breach at an all time high of $4.45 million (IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023), there’s an undeniable need for teams to enlist the right experts to quickly eradicate threats..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Takes Next Step in AI Innovation with New AI-Powered Threat Detections

November 29, 2023

"Digital transformation has created immense opportunity to generate new revenue streams, better engage with customers and drive operational efficiency..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

When Maximum Effort Doesn't Equate to Maximum Results

November 21, 2023

"It’s no secret that security teams are feeling beleaguered as a result of the barrage of data, events, and alerts generated by their security tools, to say nothing of the increased budget scrutiny and constrained staff resources that continue to plague cybersecurity practitioners..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Manage Enterprise Risk at Scale with a Unified, Holistic Approach

November 16, 2023

"The rapid pace of technological change and the attendant rise of cyber threats in both speed and number leave most organizations at a disadvantage..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Little Crumbs Can Lead To Giants

October 06, 2023

"This week is the Virus Bulletin Conference in London. Part of the conference is the Cyber Threat Alliance summit, where CTA members like Rapid7 showcase their research into all kinds of cyber threats and techniques..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Unlock Broader Detections and Forensics with Velociraptor in Rapid7 XDR

September 29, 2023

"Nearly 70% of companies that are breached are likely to get breached again within twelve months (CPO). Effective remediation and addressing attacks at the root is key to staying ahead of threats and recurring breaches on the endpoint..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

What’s New in InsightVM and Nexpose: Q3 2023 in Review

September 29, 2023

"A lot of new and exciting product updates this quarter to help customers continue driving better security outcomes. We are thrilled to launch a new vulnerability risk scoring strategy this quarter along with upgrades like improved UI for the Engine Pool page, more policy coverage, and more..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 doubles down on a platform approach for Vulnerability Risk Management

September 20, 2023

"This week, Rapid7 was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Vulnerability Risk Management, Q3 2023. The report, which included 11 vulnerability risk management vendors, represented Rapid7's inclusion in the Wave report for vulnerability management..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Delivers Visibility Across All 19 Steps of Attack in 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations: Enterprise

September 20, 2023

"Over seven years ago, we set out to change the way that SOCs approach threat detection and response. With the introduction of InsightIDR, we wanted to address the false positives and snowballing complexity that was burning out analysts, deteriorating security posture, and inhibiting necessary scale..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here

Three Security Vendor Consolidation Myths Debunked

August 23, 2023

"When it comes to security vendor consolidation, Gartner found that 57% of organizations are working with fewer than ten security vendors, utilizing consolidation to cut costs and improve their overall security posture..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Ransomware-as-a-Service Cheat Sheet

August 22, 2023

"Ransomware-as-a-Service, or RaaS, has taken the threat landscape by storm — so much so that in 2023, the White House re-classified ransomware as a national security threat..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

How To Present SecOps Metrics

August 01, 2023

"SecOps metrics can be a gold mine of potential for informing better business decisions, but 78% of CEOs say they don’t have adequate data on risk exposure to make good decisions. Even when they do see the right data, 82% are inclined to “trust their gut” anyway..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Alerting Rules!: InsightIDR Raises the Bar for Visibility and Coverage

July 06, 2023

"I've worked in cybersecurity for over two decades, so I've seen plenty of platforms come and go—some even crash and burn. But Rapid7, specifically InsightIDR, has consistently performed above expectations..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Solutions for Partners

June 28, 2023

"Central to our mission at Rapid7 is building long-term relationships with partners who deliver valuable security solutions to customers. As customers increasingly seek managed services to meet their security needs, we've eagerly expanded our partner ecosystem to support a rapidly growing body of Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management 101

June 21, 2023

"It's essential for security and IT teams to have a comprehensive view and control of their cyber assets. This is why Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) has received so much attention from security practitioners and leaders..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™ for MDR, Q2 2023

May 18, 2023

"Rapid7 recognized as one of the top 13 vendors as a strong performer by the Forrester WaveTM for MDR, in Q2 2023..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk, Part Three

March 29, 2023

"Part 3: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk Webinar..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Three Steps for Ramping Up to Fully Automated Remediation

March 15, 2023

"The number one threat to cloud security is misconfiguration of resources, and frankly, it's not hard to understand why. The cloud is getting bigger, more tangled, and flat-out more unmanageable by the day..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Threat Command Delivered 311% ROI: 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study

March 15, 2023

"Security teams must continuously contort their efforts to effectively respond to the growing volume of cyberthreats. These constantly shifting methods in the security operations center (SOC) can be difficult to manage in the face of emerging external threats—it can be like keeping multiple spinning plates in the air at once..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Cloud Security Strategies for Healthcare

March 14, 2023

"The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformational shift. Health organizations are traditionally entrenched in an on-prem way of life, but the past three years have plunged them into a digital revolution. A heightened demand for improved healthcare services—like distributed care and telehealth—ignited a major push for health orgs to move to the cloud, and as a result, implement new cloud security strategies..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk, Part Two

March 14, 2023

"In the session, Jason Hart, Rapid7’s Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, will discuss how organisations can develop the ability to adapt while being able to quickly revert to their original structure after times of great stress and impact..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

What Tech Companies Should Look For in Cloud Security

March 08, 2023

"The cloud's computing power and flexibility unlocks unprecedented speed and efficiency—a tech company's two best friends. But with that speed and efficiency comes new environments and touchpoints in an organization's footprint. That expanding attack surface brings along with it an expanding range of security concerns..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Executive Webinar: Confronting Security Fears to Control Cyber Risk

February 28, 2023

"In the session, Jason Hart, Rapid7’s Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, shared his experiences to help executives enhance their cyber mission and vision statements to create a positive cybersecurity culture that permeates the business..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

The Next Generation of Managed Detection and Response is Here

February 22, 2023

"Security teams manage an average of 76 different tools. Breaches have gone from “s#&@!” to “inevitable.” That’s why we built Managed Threat Complete to address the reality of today’s threat environment. By 2025, Gartner says 50% of organizations will decide to partner with an MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service for 24x7 monitoring..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 CEO Corey E. Thomas Appointed To National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

February 16, 2023

"President Biden has announced his intent to appoint a group of highly qualified and diverse industry leaders, including Rapid7 chairman & CEO Corey E. Thomas, to the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC)..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

The High Cost of Human Error In OT Systems

January 26, 2023

"Rapid7’s partner SCADAfence recently commissioned a survey of 3500 OT professionals. Among the findings, nearly 80% of respondents believe that human error presents the greatest risk for compromise to operational technology (OT) control systems..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Added to Carahsoft GSA Schedule Contract

January 24, 2023

We are happy to announce that Rapid7 has been added to Carahsoft’s GSA Schedule contract, making our suite of comprehensive security solutions widely available to Federal, State, and Local agencies through Carahsoft and its reseller partners..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.

Rapid7 Now Available Through Carahsoft’s NASPO ValuePoint

January 24, 2023

"We are happy to announce that Rapid7’s solutions have been added to the NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions contract held by Carahsoft Technology Corp. The addition of this contract enables Carahsoft and its reseller partners to provide Rapid7’s Insight platform to participating States, Local Governments, and Educational (SLED) institutions..." Read Rapid7's Blog Here.