NVIDIA Podcast

Technology Trends in 2021: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Monday, March 1, 2021

Hosted By: NVIDIA & Carahsoft


In today’s environment, the government is continuously searching for ways to modernize and take risks. Embracing what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have to offer is more important now than ever. With new trends on the rise, agencies are learning what they can do with this technology.

In this podcast, NVIDIA’s Adam Thompson discusses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, its importance over the last year and what we can expect to see in the next year as part of Carahsoft’s community blog series focused on mission critical IT trends in 2021.


Adam Thompson

Principal Technical Product Manager


Adam Thompson is a Technical Product Manager at NVIDIA where he focuses on Edge HPC and Streaming Sensor solutions. By providing a common platform for sensor processing, developers in divergent domains like medical imaging and industrial instrumentation can lower their time to market for AI-based streaming sensor analytics by leveraging a single, scalable, and performant platform.

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