Dell Technologies Podcast

A Bourbon Talk: Episode 4 (Tech Tasting Storytelling Podcast Series)

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Hosted By: Dell Technologies & Carahsoft


A podcast series centered around important and innovative technology topics through a new and fresh lens creating an easy digest format for very complex technology.  For today’s topic, our special guests are James Ebeler, Chief Technology Officer at Three Wire Systems (Three Wire) and Mark Harman, Sr. Security Systems Engineer at Versa Networks and we will spend time talking about IoT and Edge Security.


James Ebeler

Chief Technology Officer

Three Wire Systems (Three Wire)

James brings over two decades of experience developing both strategy and technology for go-to-market and branded solutions across the Department of Defense (DoD), including posturing IT Solutions to deliver successful client outcomes.
Mark Harman

Sr. Security Systems Engineer

Versa Networks

Mark Harman is currently serving in the capacity of Senior Security Systems Engineer at Versa Networks. He has previously served as a Sales Engineer at Zscaler.

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