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Build Resistance to Attacks by Unlocking the Value of Ethical Hackers

Friday, August 26, 2022

Hosted By: HackerOne & Carahsoft


Learn why it’s time to implement an attack resistance management strategy to find unknown risks within your attack surface – the things automated tools miss. Through continuous testing and security expertise of ethical hackers, agencies can identify critical security gaps and prioritize fixes for exploitable assets.


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Will Kapcio

Senior Sales Engineer


Will Kapcio is a Security Solutions Engineer at HackerOne — the world’s most trusted hacker-powered security platform. His primary focus is on empowering government agencies and enterprise organizations to run successful bug bounty and disclosure programs in order to help make the internet more secure. Prior to joining HackerOne, Will was a cybersecurity consultant at EY. Will has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University, a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity from Villanova University, and the CISSP certification.
Ed Zaleski

Senior Account Executive


Ed is a Senior Account Executive at HackerOne

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